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K was originally created as a proprietary language, but the main implementations are freely available to the general public for personal use. Over the years, many open source implementations of K and K-like languages have emerged, some of which listed below.

Web-based interpreters[edit]

Table of browser-based K interpreters
Name Links
ngn/k Editor, REPL, ktye/zoo nextjournal *, Attempt This Online
oK REPL, editor(iKe drawing framework), ktye/zoo, Attempt This Online
ktye/i REPL, ktye/zoo, ktye/db
K7 (kparc) kparc, ktye/zoo
K9 (kparc) kparc, ktye/zoo
K2 (nsl archive) nsl
Table of browser-based K-like language interpreters
Name Links
klong ktye/zoo
Goal Try Goal
ktye/pdp-11 pdp-11
Special K Online GLSL shader mapping
ThePlatform REPL

Try It Online! is an online programming environment which supports ngn/k, oK and Kona. It is not listed in the table since the owner has not updated the K versions for years.

Table of Implementations[edit]

Table of K implementations
Name Language Dialect License Download
ngn/k C K6 AGPL3
ktye/i Go K-like public domain / no license
Shakti C K9 proprietary
kdb+/q C K4 proprietary
Kona C K3 ISC
Table of K-like languages
Name Languages Influences License Download
Goal Go ngn/k, BQN ISC
kuc C K5 GPL3
klong C, Python K3 public domain, (vectorized)
ThePlatform Rust K6? temporary closed source
jk Haskell K6, K9, Haskell all rights reserved